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A lot of what I do depends on the packaging. It is how we get our products from one place to another, especially since my company is online based. Can’t go without it. I started out small so I had been buying boxes myself and other supplies as needed, but being as my company has grown so much I have been looking into using a packaging company.I looked to Ohlson packaging first. In a hurry, I ordered a bulk of supplies from them. I realized that my order was a lot smaller than I had thought I had ordered. I paid around $500 for the order so it did not make sense. As it turns out, they were just very pricey. I called to add to the order or find another bulk of items I could get because I needed twice as many boxes and packaging material. Customer service was terrible. The guy I spoke to was smug and arrogant and said each order is around $500 minimum so I have to be willing to pay at least that. When I asked if I could at least add to the order, he said no, they won’t pull the order I will have to receive it a week later. He would not let me cancel my order, but I definitely will not be ordering from them again.

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