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Went to the office max store located at west oaks westheimer and highway 6 about 4 months ago to buy a fax phone. The brad name of the phone isnUX P100 which has a $30.00 rebate. You had to pick up one of the rebates flyers and go tot he right page and send in the rebate to SHARP, which was done back in JULY 2003- All materials and paper work filed and was sent in the US Postal Serice. Hre it is December 19th 2003 and nothing back from Sharp nThis isnt the first time I have filled out rebate forms,from office max and never ever get any rebates back from any company doing business from office max. I feel the strore its self ALL STORES should imeadiately give people instant rebates and let the office supply stores deal with these fraudulant comapnies. You would see a more aggressive stance by companies supplying to office max. The rebate papers with all manufactures and rebate coupons are ripping off every shopper in America. nmark nMarknhouston, TexasU.S.A.

West Oaks Houston Texas Houston, Texas U.S.A.

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