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My experience with Ocean Moving and Storage was a nightmare to say the least. Below, I detail the wrongs perpetrated by Ocean Moving and Storage in my move across the country. I paid well over $6,000 to have my personal belongings destroyed. I have summarized the move below with a more detailed description below that. PICK-UP: They will not be on time, and expect them to charge an overage charge for extra square feet needed, despite the fact you gave them a list all of your items prior. Do not let them pack your belongingseverything they packed of mine was damaged badly. TRANSPORT: The pictures speak for themselves. Everything I had was brand new. This was my first house full of possessions and furniture I was able to afford, and it was all destroyed. I was blamed for how I packed some of my items, but the items I packed faired far better than the ones they packed. STORAGE: I paid a pretty penny for two years only to be told right before delivery that most of my items were destroyed. I have videos from the contracted mover that finished my move to show the facility in which my items were stored and the condition they were in when the contracted mover picked them up from Ocean Moving and Storage DELIVERY: I detail below the saga that took over a month to retrieve my items. Do not pay until finally delivery. I pre-paid, and the second the payment went through, I received little to no contact from Ocean Moving and Storage. At times, they seemed to not know where my items were. When I would demand to know where my possessions were, I was routinely hung up on (and no, I did not curse, raise my voice or insult them in any way, I simply asked to know where my things were). They contracted my move out to another company (Seaport Moving). Seaport mentioned that this was the worst theyve ever seen a company treat a paying customers items. For example, boxes were stored on top of my plasma TV that I paid for them to pack and store. RECOMMENDATION: DO NOT USE. If you must use them, elect for the full insurance coverage. Consult attorneys in Florida, the pick-up state and the delivery state (as I am doing now). Get everything in writing to hold them to their word. Whatever you do, do not pay them until your items are delivered safely.n DELIVERY DETAILS April 2010: I contracted Ocean Moving and Storage to move my belongings from the South to a destination in the Northwest to be determined at a later time. I indicated I would be using their secured and climate controlled storage facility until I could determine a final location. April 23rd, 2010: Ocean Moving and Storage showed up late into the night of the 23rd to start loading my possessions and pack (which I paid them to do) my larger furniture items including my TV. The assured me that paying them to pack these items would prevent damage, so, I agreed to pay. Around midnight, they informed me that my load was over the cubic feet estimate they had (despite the fact I gave them a list of all of my belongings prior). Their original estimate was the cheapest, and I now know why, they underestimated to win the business. However, they refused to load my things (and I had to vacate my apartment that night) until I signed a document agreeing to the overage. Because it was so late at night, the sales representative, Victor (who assured me I would not be charged extra if they estimated incorrectly), was not available to discuss this. I was forced to sign the overage and agree to pay. April 2010 May 2012: I paid $150 per month for a secured and climate controlled storage facility. I was assured that my possessions were all there and in excellent condition (all of my belongings were in brand new condition when they left my possession in Atlanta, GA). I paid a total of $3,600 for storage of my belongings only to find out that Ocean Moving and Storage and broken and/or damaged almost every item. May 1st: I called Ocean Moving and Storage to inform them of my destination. At this point they charged me an additional $250 for a change of address. This should not have been charged because I told them at the beginning that I would not have a final destination. They told me to simply put my parents home in Oregon because they needed to place an address on the Bill of Lading, and that changing the address would not be an issue. Ocean Moving and Storage told me I had to give them at least two weeks notice of the final destination in order to have belongings arrive on time. Calling them on May 1st means my possessions should have arrived no later than May 15th. May 2nd: I spoke with Laura at Ocean Moving and Storage to prepay the remainder of my move. They accepted payment and confirmed the final details of my move.nMay 9th: For 7 days, I did not receive any word from Ocean Moving and Storage. Because of this, I emailed Laura, who informed me that the delivery driver would contact me at least 24 hours before delivery. May 14th: I still had no contact from delivery driver, so, I once again contacted Ocean Moving and Storage, this time speaking with the dispatcher. The dispatcher claimed he never received word that he was supposed to load my items on a truck for delivery (despite Ocean Moving and Storage receiving full payment two weeks prior). When I pleaded with him to please deliver my belongings, he said he would need to schedule a truck. Next, he informed me that many of my belongings were broken because you packed them incorrectly. This was the first time any of this was told to me and very convenient since I had already paid. He told me he would call me later in the week. He never called. May 15th 25th: Ocean never delivered my belongings. I had to call in every 2 3 days, to inquire. Most times they had no idea where my belongings were. Every time they said they would call someone and get right back to me. Without fail, each time they failed to call me back.nWeek of May 28th: I still had to constantly bother Ocean Moving and Storage to give me even an update on where my possessions were, let alone a delivery time. I was finally told that my belongings were in California and would be delivered on either Thursday May 31st or Friday June 1st. June 1st: I took they day off of work (unpaid because I had only started my job May 15thI make $350/day) because my items had not been delivered the prior day and I had received no updates from Ocean Moving and Storage. Around 1PM on June 1st, I called to get an update on my move. I was not given any information and hung up on when I demanded to know where my belongings were. When I called back, I was told that the truck containing my items had broken down on the side of the highway in San Jose, and they were sending a backup truck to transfer my belongings on the side of the highway. I would later find out that this was not true, and my belongings were in a non-climate controlled storage facility (the walls were chain-linked fencing)this was confirmed by Seaport Moving, the company that finally delivered my items. June 4th: I received a call mid-morning telling me that my belongings were being delivered in two hours, which resulted in me yet again having to take unscheduled and unpaid time off. Seaport Moving delivered my possessions, and they were beyond courteous. What they did tell me was that almost all of my belongings were damaged when they picked them up at the facility in California. They provided 3 videos of the facility and my belongings to show they were responsible for the condition of my things. They said many of my boxes (which were perfectly sealed in Atlanta) needed to be repaired, and my Plasma TV had boxes stacked on top of them. To quote Seaport, That was the worst condition weve ever seen anyones items after a move.

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