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I am so sorry not to have read these reviews before agreeing to let this company into my house. They advertise reasonable prices for duct cleaning through the local mailings of coupons that show up in the value pak envelope every month. They first came in and went up to the roof and reported that there were rats or vermin chewing and living and dying i the ducts. For a large fee they raised all the ducts off the floor of the attic. I felt better.I am a senior and live alone. I turned on the heat, the furnace began to shake the house, i called the duct guys back they said the rats were again in the ducts, and causing problems, the ducts would need to be replaced with new vermin resistant ducts. this too would stop the vibrations in the house. Another large sum of money was agreed to, more than $3000.00 for the job. I felt better.I went up into the attic to see the new ducts, they were shiny and clean metallic all new, UNTIL i crawled farther into the attic beyond the access hole and realized all the ducts that could not be seen from the access area had not been changed, in fact the last 20 feet of each of these ducts were the original old black plastic covered ones to which the new silver ducts had been carefully attached. This was not an oversight, these were carefully taped together purposefully halfway through the run, where I was not able to see from the access point. There is more, while in the roof, the contractor began to warn me that he was seeing mold. I was alarmed, very much so as I know mold can be dangerous. For an additional 3000.00 plus, he assured me he would encapsulate the rafters and remove the mold and hepa vacuum any mold sores in the attic. And for 1800 additional dollars, he could get the furnace blower and belt repaired to stop the shaking, and relevel the unit.In crawling around the attic I would have expected to see some evidence of encapsulation or spraying, the rafters were untouched as it seems, dusty and dirty as one would expect on a house at least 15 years old, not rafters that had just been “treated”” in some way.A little overwhelmed

I sent them away

and called a local HVAC man

and he looked at the furnace and noticed the front access cover was not fully attached and could cause the rattle i was hearing

but upon removal of the panel

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By Ronald

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