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You would NOT believe the incident I witnessed unfolded before my eyes yesterday…. I hired this Plumber, Darrell Burden to fix a broken main water line that was leaking water down my driveway to the street from underground. Found him in the yellow pages. First he started digging random holes as he did not know where to find the leak underground. It could be under the driveway or under the sidewalk. He suggested I hire Pipe Pro to find the exact location of the burst pipe using the state of the art listening equipment. Which consisted of headphones and a super sensitive microphone. That sounded logical, so i agreed. Pipe Pro came out next day and found the leak after about an hour of searching and listening. That cost me $265. Paid him done. nThe broken pipe that was located by Pipe Pro was pinpointed under concrete sidewalk next to the driveway. So the Plumber gave me the choice of him and his one helper to cut and remove a 2′ section of concrete or I could hire my own guys. During our negotiations for this part of the job, Darrell got really impatient and rude by insisting that I hurry up and make up my mind whether I was going to hire my own guys to excavate the concrete or Darrell. I know at that point I should have dismissed Darrell but I decided one outburst of loosing his Cool was not that critical, so I kept on going. nSo Plumber, Darrell was asked for a bid to cut out a 2′ section of sidewalk and un-bury the water pipe. He said $150. I said OK. So he and helper guy proceeded to cut out the 2′ section of sidewalk and dig down to the broken pipe. The broken pipe was not in that location, Pipe Pro was off by several feet, (not as accurate as they tell you when promoting themselves) so for another $150, Darrell said he would cut out another 2′ section of sidewalk next to the one he just removed. nA bit of negotiation on how much to cut and where on the concrete took place, but again Darrell lost his Cool, was very impolite, impatient, acting out in a what one would call a temper tantrum. Finally, he and I came to an agreement as to where to cut the next concrete section. So Darrell’s helper proceeded with cutting the concrete with a 3″ round circular saw

not wide enough to cut all the way thru the concrete as it is 4″” thick. No I did not realize this until after the cut was made because they didn’t tell me. I was under the impression that the guys would be able to cut thru the concrete and lift each section out so that the repair job to the concrete would be minimal. nIt turned out that that they knew before hand that after the cut they would have to break out the concrete sidewalk totally demolishing it but did not make that clear to me until the cut was finished and then Darrell proceeded to try to lift the concrete to show me that it was to heavy to lift out therefore he and helper would have to break up my concrete sidewalk into little pieces to get it out. Which now we are looking at new section of landscaping that area with concrete or pavers. Which now increased my overall costs for this repair. nAgain

Darrell lost his temper

in trying to explain to me that the concrete had to be broken out there was no other way. And that I would now have to hire someone to come out and re-pour new concrete sidewalk or use paver’s. Which I my guess would be another $1000 for that. nFinally under the 2nd section of concrete sidewalk Darrell found a section of 3″” cracked PVC water pipe that was damaged due to a rock laying underneath the pipe. At this point I am up to $300 to Darrell

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