Nyckie Harzke – Burlington, Iowa Texas


My boyfriend and I started dating when we were young and we’re on/off. It wasn’t because of cheating or anything, we were just young and he moved away. Over the past couples years we reconnected and decided to see if we could make it work. At first everything was great considering we were in a long distance relationship. Then around the fourth of July things changed. He was moody and wanted a break. We had conditions with the break. One of those conditions was that we wouldn’t get intimate with anyone. I knew he was frustrated that I wasn’t making any changes of a move soon for my own financial reasons. Still he came up to Cedar Rapids to spend the holiday with me. The entire time he was on his snap chat and he was clearly getting irritated with whomever was trying to contact him. After I dropped him off at home I started getting messages from friends and coworkers asking me who the girl was that posted a picture of them together. Of course I called the phone and Nyckie answered. We yelled and screamed at eachother on the phone for awhile before I finally said fuck it. I left my friends and drove to his house. I packed all my stuff including everything that I bought him and left. The next day or two I blocked his number and deleted him off any social medias. || That didn’t stop my boyfriend from calling almost everyday. One day he called me 19 times in about 15 minutes because I deleted him on facebook. I was still in contact with his family and they would tell me how he would cry to them about how much he fucked up. When she found out he was calling me she had the nerve to call my parents house at 130 in the morning To bitch about joe calling me. I said my piece calling her a homewrecker and how dare she go after a man in a rrelationship. She then proceeded to make my boyfriend choose between me and her. Rule number one homewrecker… If you are using the guys phone and you ask him to choose of course he’s going to say you because you have his shit. This carried on for about a week. The entire time my boyfriend would be calling me crying. He isn’t started distancing himself from her after a couple days. One night he called me saying that he wanted to talk in person so like the fool I am for him I ran to him. I met him at his house and he told me everything. They had been talking for a few weeks but knew eachother from before. On a night the I refused to stay the night because I didn’t want to drive home in the morning, which happened more than it should, she called him and asked him to hang out. He went to her house and after a few drinks had sex. She made a point of scratching the hell out of his back. The way that a homewrecker does so you know that she was where you were. He came clean about everything. We talked all night. The entire time she was calling crying about what did I do wrong. When he told her that she was a mistake and that he didn’t want to be with her. That he had been miserable without me, she began sending him snapchats trying to anger him or make him jealous. Literally that next day she had more pictures of her and some other guy in a pool kissing. A month later another guy and then another. The current guy she is with same thing. He was seeing another girl and the girl confronted her. She will post things to make herself seem innocent but she isn’t. She is one of the biggest whores in Burlington. My boyfriend and I have obviously gotten back together but it’s a work in progress and things have gotten so much better. He makes up for the indiscretion everyday that we are together. As for her, Nyckie will always be a hoe. We did run into her at a Walmart in town a couple months ago. No words were exchanged only glares. Partly because my boyfriend was holding on to me. Ladies watch out for this ugly homewrecker. She doesnt care about ruining any relationship even her own. I forgot to mention she was supposedly engaged when she first started talking to my boyfriend. Homewrecker never win in the end. The wife/girlfriend does. I dont even have to fight for him. He knew what he did wrong and came running back. I was just there waiting.

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By Ronald

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