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Complaint: I ordered a supplement from NutraSlim in May of 2011, I contacted NutraSlim within the 30 day trail period, spoke with a Representative, was given a RMA # for the return of the product, which made me very sick, I feel very high strung, like I was on speed or something. Anyway, I return the product within the trail period certified mail, have signature of person from NutraSlim stating that it was received. NutraSlim, a month later, took money from my account and that was late June 2011, when NutraSlim took $79.99 out of my accounts which was unauthorized and as of July 2011, I still have not received the money back into my account.I received alot of emails from NutraSlim, stating that the money was put back into my accunt , however when I check my online banking this charge is not even pending on my account?I would strongly suggest that you be very careful when dealing with NutraSlim, a company worldwide known, steals and have employees process unauthroized charges against accounts, that they have the information about.I still wait for my refund from NutraSlim as of the middle of July.

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Address: 181 Marsh Hill Road,Orange CT Orange, Connecticut United States of America

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 855-273-048

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