Nutrafarms Complaint


A woman repeatedly banged on my door until I opened it to her, despite having three dogs barking and me asking her to please leave (she was holding a clipboard and obviously selling something) She gave a lengthy pitch about a local farmers collective, and how they were opening a branch nearby, and would I like a free sample of angus beef. I said no, but she persisted and honestly, she was such an annoyance I finally just asked for details like “what is involved? is this going to be a sales call?” She ASSURED me repeatedly it was simply a handoff of a free sample of meat, and that they would leave information and we were under NO PRESSURE and NO OBLIGATION. She set up a time for the next day, they were four hours late, and the guy came with no meat sample but a large binder and an attitude of “let me in so I can con you into a huge contract”. I turned him away, and he left saying he”d call to set up a new appointment. WE WILL NOT TAKE THAT APPOINTMENT. After some short research on the internet I”ve seen nothing but bad reviews and complaints and the price to sign up is ridiculously high. TURN THEM AWAY AT THE DOOR! You won”t even get your “free sample” just a pushy sales person at all hours of the night.

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