NRA (National Recovery Agency)


This agency called a friend’s mom in Ohio and friend of mines in my hometown of KY to try to locate me. They then left messages and phone numbers for me to contact them which I did. They told me that they had been looking for me to pay for a check that was written in May of 2013 online for some check cashing company called and I assured them I have never wrote online for anything . They requested me to get info from the bank to verify that I hadn’t done this, the bank that they claimed was a bank account that had been closed since 2010 . The bank said don’t fax anything. I was called several times and harassed by different agents and one even left a very demeaning voice message on my home phone. This company NRA has called me before I believe the year before and it was about a card company called Green Card .com which I have never used and they were trying to get $500 last year this time they wanted to get $300.I have reported to everything I can think of about the harassment.. I demand To be left alone… Stay away

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