Nova Southeastern University [NSU] Complaint


After receiving a Master”s in Health Science degree from Nova Southeastern University, I decided to earn another Masters, specifically an MBA at the same institution. The office of academic advising lied about their AACSB accreditation, which is the gold-standard in business schools. Simply put, this university does not have this accreditation, and upon finding out, during my first semester, I dropped out to attend a properly accredited university. Now, Nova Southeastern University is holding my MHSc degree transcripts hostage, citing that I owe them money they returned to the originator (FASFA). Had they not lied in the beginning, I would never have attended their Wayne Huizenga School of Business only to earn what boils down to a worthless degree. Now I”m stuck – not being able to attend any other institution due to the lack of transcripts. If anyone has had a similar experience with this university, please post your comments, as I”m exploring the option of a class action against Nova. All I really want are my transcripts, however, this school should be held accountable for fraud and unfair business practices.

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