Northwest Territorial Mint Millstone township New Jersey Review


Please Beware! Read the over 800 Negative Reviews for this Northwest Territorial Mint on this site alone. If it looks and quacks like a Duck it probably is. There are thousand sof negative reviews for this compnay on different formats. This is not a onesy twoseey of upset customers, this is a laundry list of Very upset “regular People”” Thousands

that were taken in by this Unscrupulous company. Shame on me for not taking the many many warnings and negative reviews. This company has a business model that holds funds for as long as possible without delivery. My payment cleared on 10/8/13 and I was told delivery would bee initiated by 12/20 ( already an outrageous time period but I waited patiently without calling once. ) I called today the day before my delivery was to be initiated and SURPRISE!! It’s delayed 30 days more. Normally I take the word of a human on the phone but the reviews are so Numerous! this is the model they use. Nearly ALL of their deliveries are Late. It looks as though nothing is on time and they amost always delay an additional 30 days. This isthe legal limit and they push it every time. Iwill never buy from them agian. and in additoon I will add to the most numerous post on the Web. Bewaree the few posts that say this is a good compnay with ontime deelivery. they are few and far betweenand I suspect they are put up by this unscuruplous company. Please beware! If it looks like a Duck

Walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck… its’s NWTM ! Heed the Warning. I can only give you my experiencee. Legitimate companies deliver 10-21 days from cleared payment. None have the amount of negative reviews seeen here. Try or or All are legiitmate businesses. NWTM is not a real company . they make their money riding yours out as ong as possible while You take the market risk. And they collect interes on your funds in the meantime and don’t give you anything in return. RIPOFFF!!! Northwest Territorial Mint 2305 South 320th street Federal Way Wahsington 98003 is is the ripoff company.”

2505 south 320th Street suite 110 Federal Way WA Federal Way, Washington USA


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