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We entered into an agreement that a new aluminum standing seam roof shall be installed on my home at 37 Ocean Street. Then he ignored us since then. We entered into an agreement with Jon that a new aluminum standing seam roof shall be installed on my home at 37 Ocean Street in approximately 2 weeks. He represented that you had a team of experienced roofers that would focus exclusively on my roof until it was done. Instead, he brought us someone you said you knew and who was completely trustworthy to be supervised by your 18 year old son, Mason, to work on our house. nWe have subsequently learned from his employee, Glen, that he did not know each other and that Glen was a self-admitted drug addict. He put Glen to work on the steep roof of the turret of my property approximately 40 to 50 feet above the ground without safety equipment which we believe to be an OSHA code violation and a liability to us personally should he have injured himself. We observed Glen and his 18 year old son, Mason, smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol on our property. This undoubtedly contributed to the substandard work, the damage to our property, and the fact they were completely unable to nfollow the instructions given regarding what work was to be performed. We approached you with my concerns about the drugs and alcohol, but he did nothing about it. 3 weeks ago, on December 1, his employee, Glen, came unannounced to our house with a friend of his, entered our house uninvited, and approached us in a threatening way demanding payment for services with he claimed Jon were withholding from him. We called Jon and once again Jon had little to say, expressed his embarrassment, and said to trust him, that he will take care of getting the job back on track and fixing all the mistakes. Later that week he contacted us to say he had a replacement for Glen who could continue work on my turret. We said that was good, but what we urgently wanted was to protect our house and have the metal roof installed. Jon said he understood my concerns. That was the last we heard from him. Before Glen left, he told me he heard Jon had not paid rent for 5 months, had gone bankrupt, and generally had a bad reputation. He also said Jon were moving into a nnice new house, but had only paid Glen $600 before not answering his calls anymore. nDuring the time this work was performed, a wood stove in my garage which he took in lieu of $200 payment, alcohol, and nseveral hand tools have gone missing from our property. nWhile this work was in progress, sections of old, but water tight, roofing removed. These sections have been left uncovered with water damage resulting. nWe have attempted to contact you 30 or 40 times by calling his phone number without success. We have determined he have navoided answering our calls by having his number called by another person who you called right back in the same half hour when we attempted placing a call to him. nWinter is coming, our roof has been removed in places which have been left open, there is cumulative water damage each time it rains and water is saturating the wall of our bedroom and drips from the ceiling onto the floor. Our property has beennleft with construction debris strewn about,and he have received in excess of $11,313 of our money. nWe opened our house to you, your son, and your workers, provided food, drink and lodging for free. nWe have given free use of the extensive set of tools we have, and gave Jon a variety of materials to use on the job without charge. nHe have told us you are a high school football coach, coaching your sons and getting awards. It is a commonly held belief, that people who work with kids, particularly coaches working for schools such as Tilton Academy, should be carefully screened by the community they serve to be sure they are satisfactory role models. He lied to us and stole from us.

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