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Complaint: I called North Valley to make an appointment. Went in for that appointment Dec. 11, 2011. I made an appointment for Jan. 24th of 2012 to go over surgery interest as to what I wanted done. I also made a surgery apt for the procedure for Feb. 10, 2012. Around mid Jan. 18th I called to cancel all said appointments. I was told by the girl whom answered the phone that I may get a follow up call in the future. All apts beyond my first appointment I never went to and canceled well before the appointment. I got a call from my credit provider Chase Health about a past due amount of $2,300, I asked what for they stated from North Valley. I told Chasse Health that I closed my account with them same day I called North Valley. Chase Health reopened the account to charge the amount to my card. I disputed the charge with Chase Health they investigated and found there was no surgery preformed and no services were rendered. They dropped the amount off my card and I have a balance of $0.00. Then I filed a BBB report which North Valley told BBB they were dropping said charges of now $5,005. Then I get in the mail a collections notice from North Valley..But I never once received a bill…yet. I’m now disputing the charges with Collections agency. They never preformed any surgery nor did they ever see me beyond my first appointment. How they can charge me anything beyond a canceled appointment fee I just don’t know. Never do business with them!! Also they were shown on our local TV station as a good place to do business…TV lies!!!

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Address: 20950 N Tatum Blvd Ste 150 Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona United States of America


Phone: 480-304-5477

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