North Country Children’s Clinic Review


My hygienist was very nice and did a good job at giving me a deep cleaning, that’s a plus, but not even sure I needed a deep cleaning given they are expensive and mostly not necessary. Otherwise every filling I received here was still sensitive and painful even months after. I was told I had 11 cavities, which I’m sure now is untrue because I got a second opinion on the last ones I needed and surprise there are no cavities. The first tooth I had filled was poorly done and not polished correctly so it stabbed my lip and was pretty irritating. I had one tooth I’m sure could have been done better which is now more filling than tooth they said, which I had asked to fix it without drilling because it was chipped, but he drilled most of it away anyways even though he said there was no cavity and now it will probably need a crown now that he drilled away all of the front of the tooth. I was informed that my composite filling would last less than 5 years according to the dentist who insisted I didn’t take good care of my teeth even though I brush 2-3 times and floss every day. The remaining teeth that were filled I’m unsure even need filled to begin with and still hurt pretty bad when flossing. Also I came for 2 teeth to be filled one day and surprise he mentioned after the appointment there was another tooth where the filling seemed to have came out and filled it without showing or asking me anything. My dentist seemed incompetent and unprofessional. I also filled out forms to send my xrays and dental work over to another dentist and they failed to do so even know I went in person and got it done.


  • Name: North Country Children’s Clinic
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Watertown
  • Address: 238 Arsenal St
  • Phone: 315-782-9450
  • Website:

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