North Carolina Mobile Detailing Review


Warning stay away…. mr. ty princess is a total scam… i met this guy on youtube he was promoting he does websites, i contacted him about a website i done. | mr. princess was nice at first we went over what kind of website i wanted gave him examples, and then he wanted the whole price of the website upfront without doing anything. he showed showed me examples of sites he did which were only wix websites. so i asked him is he expert at wordpress he stated yes he is, which coming to find out was a big lie. | so i ended up trusting him thinking he was legit because of youtube… | days later i sent half the money upfront $200 for the site and he took 4 days to start and when he did he couldnt even upload my wordpress zip file of my wordpress website to the platform i had to pay someone else to do it which was the second red flag. | mr.princess was asked is this job to big for him he then lied again and said no i can do it. he only was able to change words on the site nothing i could’nt do myself. so i stated to him you have be the end of the day to show progress and never did anything else very unprofessional guy poor guy hes a bum makes his own people look stupid. | so i called him that night and said sir stop what your doing i have someone to finish and refund my money he said ok and good night which was unprofessional because every day he would call me trying to be my friend and calling me drunk and on drugs at 12 at night talking about his problems which bothered me. | i called me the next day sir when are you going to send the money he said i dont give refunds i said you havent done anything that we said… well i dont give refunds, i said so your not refunding money you never did work for ???? he said i dont owe no one anything sounding like a scam artist . i believe because i told him i have a professional to do the work he got jealous and didnt wanna give me back my money. hes made threats and told me that he will send the money in 30 days which is bs i sent it to him the same day now you cant send it back sounds like a scammer to me. | stay far away from him there’s other people that will do what they say not to get your money and run. i feel bad for his kids they have a scammer/ drug addict for a dad to look up to.


  • Name: North Carolina Mobile Detailing
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Durham
  • Address: 4705 Bennett Memorial Rd
  • Phone: 1 919-972-8063
  • Website:

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