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I purchased a top of the line Maytag IQ system for my Florida home. I immediatly noticed that the system was running all of the time. It is a split system with a built in dehumifier. It is now 64 degrees and the AC tech just visited my home. The humidity is constant at 65% plus, and the only way to fix it is to turn the A/C unit on! I have looked into having a seperate dehumifier installed, but have been told that will not fix the problem. I have talked to several A/C companies in town and all are familiar with the faulty systems. I have heard from 2 companies familiar with the system and both have said people are “ripping them out”” and going after Maytag. This humidity level poses a risk of mold growth

and I have begun to notice mold growing in areas of my home that was built in 1969

and has never had a problem. I have a $14

000 A/C unit that will not dehumifiy

and my house is “”sweating””. There is no solution other than a new system. Nordyne response “”call your tech”” techs response “”people are just ripping them out””.”

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By Ronald

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