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On 11/12/14 I purchased a pocketbook from Nordstrom Rack for $149.77, I used my debit card,which I also linked that day to a Norsdtrom debit card. On 11/13/14 about the same time of day as the previous day I returned that pocketbook to them. They debited back $129.80 on 11/13,minus $19.97 for a shirt, that is why the return debit is lower. on 11/17/14, they attempted to withdraw from my account $149.77 which cause a overdraft and a remit fee of $35.00. this was a debit card which normally fees are removed immediately,this was 4 days later they were attempting to remove the money for the pocketbook i returned less than 24 hours later. I spoke to their customer service department on the 18th and they said that I owe them the $149.77 despite my returning the pocketbook less than 24 hours after purchase. They again on 11/19 and 11/21 attempted to remove the $149.77 and again caused my account to have two more remit fees of $35.00. Now totaling $105.00 in remit fees. They have called me every day. I have now received a letter stating I owe them $174.77 which includes a cancelation fee of $25.00 for the account closing. So now this pocketbook which they have is costing me $174.77 +105.00 total. I have all the documents and dont know what to do. Marsha Mowry

400 Bald Hill Road Warwick, Rhode Island USA


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