Hutchinson Kansas Review


Awful web reseller. does not track their sales or inventory. They took my order, took my money, and sent me a refund a week later, without so much as a notification email to let me know they had cancelled on me. They don’t know how much they have of anything, and will take your money first before trying to fill their orders. They even say on their website: “We aim to under promise and over deliver

and ask that you allow 10-14 working days for shipment. “” So basically

their philosophy is to promise you nothing

so that you feel lucky if you ever receive a product. You’re better off to find another reseller and buy somewhere else

if you are actually buying something that you might actually want to have sometime soon. When you check out they have this disclaimer: “”Products are available on a first come first to check out basis. Items remain in your cart as you proceed to check-out

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By Ronald

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