Nogalink, Noam Kitron Brooklyn New York Review


After having several conversations and email exchanges with Noam Kitron at Nogalink I decided to order 600 Sq. Ft. of Select Brazilian Cherry 3.5″x3/4″”.All of the material was rejects

at best. The flooring had ripples across the grain approximately every inch or so. There were also imperfections such as indentations going several inches along the grain. The first couple of pieces put together had edges that did not match. The finish was inconsistent and had spots where finish had dripped and left raised spots.Noam Kitron were very responsive before my purchase however

now I can not get any response from them. I ordered 600 sq. ft and received 450 sq ft. of which 30 % was 3.5″”x3/4″” and the remainder was 3.5″”x5/8″”I called and emailed Noam Kitron several times

he said he will come by to check the material to this day he never did. This is fraud and I plan on contacting the NJ Attorney General’s office.Old location580 Division StreetElizabeth

NJ phone 888-862-4207New location196 Maracaibo StreetNewark

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By Ronald

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