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As all imitators do, NJP Products can only resort to criticizing the original developers of Real Tahitian Noni Juice in their efforts to make themselves look better. Of course, that is not surprising because all second-rate companies utilize this scheme. In addition, it’s ironic to note that NJP Products uses the same documentation on their website that’s plagiarized directly from Tahitian Noni International. nThe most prevalent, absolute lie that NJP Products states on their website is this: “There are multitudes of companies jumping on the “”band wagon”” trying to get a piece of the very large Noni juice market.”” As I stated previously

this is the way second-rate companies like NJP Products twist the real truth. Apparently

the folks at NJP Products believe that consumers are gullible enough to believe their dishonest statements without checking the validity of their claims! Brother

talk about “”jumping on the band wagon!”” Tahitian Noni Internationl scientists are the ones that discovered and developed Real Tahitian Noni Juice

and brought it to the market! nNext

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