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A few months ago, I offered my “best friend” of 15 years a place to stay in my home with her children and her father, her husband is in prison and she had fallen on hard times. This woman spent three months destroying my house and getting drunk every single day. Eventually, I got her into a place next door, and I thought I could breathe again. 3 days after this woman moves out of my house, I come home to find her and by boyfriend of 7 years sitting on my couch, they sit me down, and she smiles as he dumps me for her, shes been trading him sexual favors for him fixing up her house, now they’re “in love.” Neither he nor I have the option to move right now, so for the last week I’ve had to watch this girl sit on her porch, neglect her children and wrap herself around the love of my life. She sends him home in the wee hours of the morning when they think I’ve fallen asleep covered in hickeys, smelling of her vagina. Shes too drunk to get her kids to school, dss has already been called, and yet she still continues to drink and maintain a relationship with a man that is a registered sex offender. Our relationship may not have been perfect, but he was, and is the love of my life. I’m am totally consumed in my loathing for this woman who continues to torture me on purpose without shame. My heart is broken.

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By Ronald

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