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Complaint: We had used these guys for a few months with very poor results. Most of their emails were bouncing and failing to deliver to their recipiant, even though we were sending far below the G-Mail limit in emails every day. We tried to cancel before our account renewed, as we found a much better solution and had already migrated over there (and stopped using Ninja Outreach completely). We requested to cancel before the week was over, they did not reply to the email until a few days later (after the weekend and after we were billed) and said they were not going to process a refund because they “have a business to run”” and “”can’t just refund the payment fo $249 because you are out of the 30 day trial period”” even though we had no account activity after we requested cancelation. Like most softwares

Tags: Computer Software

Address: you need to pay before you can use it. But

Website: their unwillingness to refund does not speak well to their financial security

Phone: in the case where they failed to cancel the subscription and you DIDN’T use it

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