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My husband and I were married on July 17th ,2010 . We had a great relationship, he loved my three daughters (from previous relationship) and he did everything for us. On 2012, I started noticing a change in him. He keep saying I was a bad wife and I was mean to him. We started fighting a lot. I tried to go to marriage counseling. He said it was too late. So on June 30 2012 my husband packed up his stuff and took my step son away. Well, I didn’t eat sleep or doing anything until July 17 2012 when my husband came and visited me. I had a gut feeling another woman was involved but I didn’t know where to start. So my husband and I started seeing each other like bf and gf. Went out to dinners and slept together but not living together. Well in April my mother in law (removed) Sent me a picture of a baby out of no where. I keep asking who the baby was and she keep lying saying a friends. So I became crazy trying to find out who the baby belonged to because it looked just like my step son. Well, my search lead me to a girl name Nikki who said she only knew my husband because he worked on her bf car. Lol her boyfriend, my husband,car. After asking her this woman started making nasty comments about me on my mother in laws page. So I knew something was up. || Well, in August I stopped all contact with my husband and moved to Texas. Well, when I came back to be with my family this Nikki girl commented that I lied, I said I was in Texas but seen my butt at wawa which is a gas station. I don’t know this girl, never seen her yet she is stalking me. I message my husband and ask him. He is like I don’t fucking know a Nikki .Well, the truth came out about a month ago. My husband has a 13 month old son with her and a baby on the way. She still claims they got together when we separated and she know all about me and has seen how I treat him. How bad I am to him and don’t deserve her hot good man. Well, if your son is 13 months old and I walked away in August 2013 after trying to make it work , then you and him cheated. She knew he had a wife and she didn’t care to break up my home, hurt my kids and take what belonged to me. Now, after I told her he was still with me up till August 2013 she says I am lying but it will all come out in court and I hope she likes the truth. I don’t blame her for everything because my husband knew what he was doing but I feel she trapped him because she knew I couldn’t have anymore children. || I hope the two of them are happy because if a relationship starts with cheating it will always have it. I am hurt still because I do love my husband but I thank them two nasty people for it because I lost 80 lbs and learned what I don’t want.

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