Nikki Farley – Ugly Bi*ch wants all black guys Delaware


Hi meet Nikki. She lives in Delaware. That’s where I’m from. Anyway I tried to get her and it worked. She told me she was in a relationship but don’t love her man. So I said fuk it. If he doing you wrong you can do him wrong. I started messing with her July 2018. Right after she had her newborn baby girl. Her man tried messing with my girl but wasn’t successful.. He was not her type… Anyway she first started by kissing me. Then she started to grab for me… Which then led to the rest I think y’all know what happened next. I was only talking to her for a week or so then she let me hit it…. Ladies she might try go after your man. She has a man so if your ok with that then she is the girl…

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By Ronald

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