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Well, first off,let me just preface my post with this: NO, he is absolutely not blameless. YES, he is just as responsible as she is. But I’m posting about her on here because so often, as is the case here, the woman (hereafter referred to as SCAB) gets off scott-free, while the male cheater has to take all the heat.See, it’s like this… live-in boyfriend and I have been together almost 8 years. He moved into my place with me, I got him on my cell-phone plan (since he had a pay-as-you-go phone), gave him my bank card, and then a year ago his 15 year old daughter moved in with us. I even got her added on to my cell phone plan. We have had all of the typical ups and downs, I’m not gonna lie. The past 3 years have been particularly difficult. I had 2 surgeries in 2 years, my brother died, the health of both of my parents has gone rapidly downhill, so I spend a great deal of time trying to take care of and comfort them, and I haven’t adjusted well to having a teenager in the house. So we have struggled, and I knew we weren’t getting along well.About 1 1/2 years ago, I noticed he was acting strangely with his phone. I am not a suspicious type person, and therefore I never check our cell phone bill. But one morning, when he went to take a shower, he took his phone with him. That was odd. So I opened the bathroom door and took it. Found several texts on there from several different women, and even received one on it while he was in the shower. It said”Good morning, beautiful”. Of course, I confronted him with them and he swore they are all just friends of his. The texts on his phone didn’t indicate anything more than that, there was nothing salacious or anything, and he even called one of them to have her tell me that they were just friends. Well, as I didn’t have any proof of anything else, I was forced to just accept that at face value, even though I still wasn’t convinced. So we had a new rule in our texting/phone calls with females, no friendships with single females, and ABOVE ALL ELSE he better not EVER invite anyone into our lives again and allow them to hurt me. He was to protect me and my heart at all costs. He promised me. So I left it all alone, and life kept rolling along.So…..about 3 months ago, I began to notice the same behaviors again, guarding the cell phone like it’s Fort Knox, he even password protected it. He suddenly began being an hour or 2 late coming home, but always had a”somewhat” reasonable explanation. In the last year he has been promoted to manager where he works and has taken on a lot more responsibility, so he does put in more hours. But he began being gone so much, and I was left at home, fixing dinner for his daughter, taking care of the house, dishes, laundry, etc. for a family. The last 2 weeks before I outed them, his daughter and I ate dinner alone about 5 times because he wasn’t home. So, one night, I stopped off at a local sports bar for a beer with a girlfriend of mine. Sent him a text and invited him, and believe it or not, he showed up. We have an extra vehicle that is for sale, and he was going to show my friend a picture of it, so he grabs his phone, and pulls up his pictures. The first one that came up was a selfie of him, laying in our bed, with this sweet little smile on his face and it was broad open daylight in the bedroom. And all of a sudden, I knew. He began stammering that he had taken that pic and was going to text it to me one day as a surprise, but I knew. Long story short, I found the number he had actually texted it to, plugged it in on a search, and up pops Nikki Cox-Younghusband. And guess what!! They are friends on FB. I started looking at cell phone bills, and they have been calling and texting since sometime late January or early February. I decided this time I would have more proof than the last time, so I spent about a week and a half trying to catch them, with no luck. Finally, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I knew what I knew, this time, and no one was going to talk their way out of it. So one evening, I sent her a text telling her to please text him and tell him to pack his stuff and his daughter’s stuff and get out of my house. I told her they were going to come live with her. I ended it with”yeah, you already know who this is”. I knew she knew about me because there are pics of me and him all over his FB page. She responded that she didn’t know who he was or who I was and she wasn’t sending anyone a text. (Yeah, I know, she’s a special kind of stupid. I was looking at her phone number on my phone bill when she texted me that). So I confronted him about it. He began the ususal,”Oh, we are just friends” routine, but I didn’t let him get away with it this time. In the meantime I was still texting her, letting her know that he was confessing to everything, and she sent me a text”He made the decision”. There it was. Proof in writing. He admitted everything, and then of course, immediately began begging and crying, pleading with me to not make him leave. We, of course, fought all night, and the next morning whenI left for work, he was sitting in the driveway, sobbing like a baby. What really enraged me though, was her last text to me.”I’m an adult, and you’re not worth my time, but he is”. REALLY??? I’m not cheating on anyone, not lying to anyone, not screwing someone else’s boyfriend, sitting at home taking care of his teenager every evening, but somehow I’m the worthless one, and they have worth? Well, like I said….special kind of stupid. She thought she was special, and I truly believe that she thought she was making his world a better place.But here’s where I get so unbelievably blown away……he and I have 8 years together. We have baggage. Everyone does after 8 years. He’s done things to me, I’ve done things to him. He’s been hurtful at times, other times it’s been me. We have a history. And that history can build into anger and resentment. Me angry at him, him angry at me. It doesn’t excuse cheating, but I honestly can’t say”I’ve never done anything to him”. Her, she’s a different story. This woman has never met me, but has decided I am worthless. She’s decided that she has worth and he has worth, but everyone else this touches is worthless. Me, his daughter, my parents who adore him, the grandkids who he has been with since they day they were born, his family who loves me, the list just goes on and on. But somehow, I’m worthless, in her opinion. She has no idea the lives she has interrupted, the people she has hurt and the pain she has caused him (again, he’s not in anyway blameless here). She is still living in that”grade school” mentality where he was the one that hurt me, not her. She feels entitled to judge me and my worth, and having discarded any value I might have, it was okay to just move in on my boyfriend; to be his”bright spot” when things were dark, his”happy place”. || And to all the haters who will no doubt bombard this post with their”he was the one who broke the commitment, not her” posts here, I’ll say this. Yes, he did. He’s a special kind of creep for doing that. He is taking a mountain of shit for it, every day and I have no idea what I’m going to do down the road yet. But I can’t just let her go on her merry way, thinking what she did was okay, with no understanding of the damage she did to so many lives including his. She’s a mother, for crying out loud. Surely she was, at the very least, morally obligated to consider his daughter in all of this. There isn’t a more innocent person. I asked no less than 100 times for his FB login, because I knew they were communicating over FB messenger. He never would give it to me, and of course, now there’s no point because he’s had time to clean all of the messages out, but he has disabled his FB page, and has called her to tell her they are over. I can now track his cell phone at any time, and he knows that I’m not above following him if I feel like I need to. It’s still not surefire. I can’t be there all the time, I do have to work. But until I can figure out what to do, it’s the best I can come up with. But she’s single and on the prowl again, so when you’re around the area, look out for her, she has no soul. || || >

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