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First, in my honest opinion, no marriage is perfect. I have been with my husband 19 years, married 17. We have both grown up together and during our times have hurt and caused hurt to one another off and on. We truly do have an amazing love that had survived a lot. We both honestly feel we are best friends, and have gone through so much over the years. || In November of 2013 my husband was working in the construction trade at the hospital in Fremont she works / worked at. (Heard she is trying to to get onto the new one in San Leandro). They both work nights. At the time I was working 2 jobs and quite honestly the husband and I were settled into a roommate pattern. Well she decided flirting wasn’t enough, and ran up to him on his last day and handed him her number. He held onto and a week later saw her/ and then the phone conversations and texts began. He told her he was married with two kids, and she replied with” oh crap, what does that mean?”. I’m not defending him, he should have come to me and let us work things out, but he liked the attention. I guess she claims to have fibro myalgia, and even handed him a print out about it for attention. He told me he threw it away lol. In December he had a company party, I had tickets to a show that I had already bought. I know I should have made him the priority, and our marriage, but I chose the concert. He decided around that time he loved her. He went to her house a few times, and bought her flowers and a card. I am so thankful that he could not bring himself to sleep with her until he left me. He told me he was unhappy, and that we should have a break to start over fresh. My world came crashing down. This last Christmas was the worst ever, I wasn’t eating, I cried all the time, and was totally depressed. She actually had the nerve to get mad at him because he wouldn’t sneak away and call or text her on Christmas. He chose to be with his family, and she felt she had the right to be hurt over that. This whole time she wanted nothing to do or know about me or his kids. She was planning a life with him, talking about dating and moving in together, but wouldn’t acknowledge that he was in fact very married and has children. She didn’t even want to know ow my name. People were asking me if there was another woman, I told them no way, that he wasn’t like that. On January 3rd I went through his phone to see what plans he might have been making about moving out. I discovered a text from him and his best friend / co-worker talking about her. They were even making fun of her age ( she is almost 50, he’s early 40s and I’m mid 30s ) and her” disease”. Yeah wrong I know, but guys are buttholes…. I went and did a history search on the computer and saw her full name, where she lived and where she worked. Then I confronted him about her. At first he said he met her a couple weeks back, and he thought he maybe liked her. We were having sex multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day at this point. Then he admitted he was confused. I tried to call her, no answer. I text her, nothing. I facebooked her, again she ignored me. She claims to not like drama and claims to be shy. But shy women don’t run up to strange men giving them their number. She had balls enough to talk to, and try to seduce a married man, but no balls to talk to his wife. He admitted to some petting and kissing, and I do believe him when he said he just couldn’t bring himself to actually have sex. It was an emotional affair, but just as damaging, if not more so. || I came home on the 5th to see him packing up. He was going to try to leave when I was at work, but I interrupted his plans. The kids were so upset, he was crying, I was crying, it was beyond hard. But he felt like since I know about her he had no choice but to leave. He almost didn’t leave a few times but finally did, promising me that he was going to his friends house and we would work things out. His friend all of the sudden wasn’t accommodating to him and my husband went to her. Thank god on top of her being dumb enough to post so much information about herself, she felt safe enough to go to work while he was there. So yeah, she’s really not bright, I would have called in sick to work and stayed with him lol. I spent the entire night like a zombie. I broke down often and comforted my daughter who slept in out bed and woke up crying a few times. We were so scared and hurt by his leaving. I wasn’t sure he was at her place but a quick Google of her name I found her address and went to her place. Sure enough, I saw his work truck. I almost threw up right on the spot. So I went and knocked on her door, but before I did I could hear her laughing. I’m thinking you f**King whore, I spent all night crying and trying to calm down our upset crying daughter and here you are laughing. What kind of woman could be so heartless? || She’s divorced, has no kids, and had been cheated on in her past relationships, so how does she not know this kind of pain? Oh and to top it off, she tried to manipulate and convince him *I* was cheating on him. Thank goodness he didn’t listen to her and fall for her tricks. I banged on her condo door and I guess she saw me, took off like a little bitch And hid in her room threatening to call the cops. He promised her he would be back that he was done with me. We went straight to a nation’s parking lot where I finally launched and exploded on him. I told him how things were going to be. That I was done crying and being weak and now his life will be dramatically different from here on out. We actually ended up talking and went to eat breakfast. He told me he loved me and then he came home. He called her to tell her he wasn’t coming back and got her voicemail. It was later that night she went psycho on him. She threatened to kill herself, asked him to find someone to watch her dog munchkin. She text him 60 times that night while he was at work. He played the voice mails for me, here was this almost 50 yr old woman acting like she was an emotional 13yr old girl. It was sad and pathetic. For a few more days she Went full on nuttbag on him. Even blaming him for her body pain scale being higher. He had her gate remote and went back on the 23rd to give it to her. I didn’t find out till when he got back and he told me where he had been. I kicked him out the next morning when he got home. I had all his stuff packed and ready for him to go be with her. He wouldn’t leave. He said he loved me, wanted us, but was feeling guilty about what he put her through. || We’ve been in counseling since and he sees now he was never in love with her. He liked the attention and closeness we lacked at home. He is beyond remorseful and apologetic to me and the kids. He thanks me often for coming to get him and is grateful to be home. The therapist also wonders if it wasn’t a midlife crisis? He knew her 56 days….In all honesty it’s been the best thing for us. We are closer as a family and as a couple. We are physically, emotionally, and mentally closer than ever before. We even have had a few family vacations and have personal get aways planned for us. || I still have some issues with him being able to leave, and to decide out OF nowhere that he was unhappy. But I’m happy with us now and so in love. It just doesn’t feel finished in one aspect, she never acknowledged me or the kids. She was too selfish and immature to speak to me. I know I will never get an apology from her, neither will our kids. I found out she filed bankruptcy last month and now my husband is convinced she was looking for a sugar daddy. Honestly, I question it too. My ego and pride were hurt by her, my husband broke my heart at the time. He realizes now how he was wrong to both of us, mostly me. He had a moment where I couldn’t recognize him anymore or who he was. It wasn’t like him to be that person. He’s back now and better before. I wrestled with being the better person and posting her like this for so long, but decided it’s what I need to fully move on. If she can be so comfortable with who she is in her part of what happened then it shouldn’t be a problem for others to see another side to her that I’m sure she hides well. I own my part in the marriage breakdown and so does my husband I just wish she hadn’t been so selfish that she ignored me and the fact he is married. She treated him like a single man, and he very much isnt. So for you being a coward, for you being selfish and heartless Nikki – here you go. You never got to hear my side. You never cared about my side, only what you wanted. You’re not innocent, you’re not a victim, and you’re not a good person. I am a real person, the other half of the family and marriage you tried to be apart of ruining. You knew he is married and I tried to tell you to that I wasn’t going to give him up or hand him over but you ignored me. You truly are stupid, pathetic and now still alone. My husband wasn’t innocent and knows he was wrong, but that didn’t change that you brought this pain onto yourself knowing his situation. || >

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