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So my husband of 13 yrs works with this um”woman” and at some point which neither of them will tell me they started flirting. We have 2 kids together and all four of us went to a Diamondbacks game and I even met this homewrecker and her boyfriend. I don’t know if the affair had begun at that time or not but just the fact that she met me and my kids face to face and still had no problem hooking up with my husband. She sent naked pictures of herself to him, they went and had lunches together. I texted her and she can’t even respond. || She has 2 daughters and I don’t know much if her status if she was married or not but now she can have my husband. I am not going to show my daughter that a man can cheat and you should stay with him. I’m tempted to email her mormon co-workers and let them know what kind of person she is.

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By Ronald

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