Nicole Noelani Mckee aka Nikki McKee – Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina


The whore: Nikki (Nicole) McKee her email: [email protected] work email: [email protected] phone: 808-372-**** Twitter: @McKeeNickie Job: Account Rep at Yardi Systems in Raleigh We moved-in together and we were very happy. The whore Nicole McKee was married to someone else at the time. He met her at work and they were”friends”. She knew we were planning to get married and that we were happy. Since her marriage start to fall apart she needed more of his”friendly” advice and support. They got very close and she decided she wanted what I had, since she was fucking him before I relocated to be with him. One day I open to pay MY phone bill (bill in my name) that was for 2 phones (his and mine) and I saw 300+ text messages between these”friends”. I asked him who’s number is that, he told me oh its a friend from work Nick. Yeah right… two dudes texting that much in one month … I knew it was something going on. I asked him again and he admit it was Nikki but she is just a”friend” and she is married and has 3 kids. (by the way those 3 kids are from her previous marriage). Found out she use to work with him at his previous job and they stay in touch, but I did not know they were fucking before. So I asked to invite her and her husband over for dinner. That whore actually called me and accepted invitation, plus assured me they are just”friends” and she understands my concern. I told her why I worry and to ease up on texting especially late hours. Few days later I saw more text on his phone and those were not between friends. They were with kisses and hugs and how much she misses him. The whore was asking him when he is moving out and to let her know what his plans are because she is not a home wrecker (LMFAO). When he ask her back what she thinks he should do? || She tells him that she ASSUMED he is moving with her and her 3 kids in August (it was July). Well he did not, instead we moved to new nicer place a bit away from her area. I called her and told her to stay away, that I love him and that I gave up a lot for him when I relocated and quit my job for him and that she should work on her marriage instead since she got a second chance that a man wanted her with 3 kids. Well year later I found an email and they were at it again and he was making her promises and telling her that he loves her. I found out that she never step away and told him she will not let him push her away again. Once again she urged him to leave me. Another year pass and we are still living together because we have a lot of debt together. We still have great sex and we hug and kiss and sleep holding each other but he lies and sneaks out to see her. She is still emailing him and is angry that he signed another lease with me. We have good relationship, we don’t fight or even argue, we like same things but she keeps getting between us and messes with his head. I just wish she leaves him alone so we can build our relationship back. I know it’s worth saving, I worked so hard for this and gave up a lot. I supported him when he had two surgeries and when he lost his job 2 times. I supported him to go back to school. I gave 7 years of my live to him already and he deceived me and she keeps wrecking what we had and still have.

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By Ronald

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