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My, now ex, fiance were having our share of issues. It started after our daughter was born in May of 2012. Due to complications of HELLP syndrome, our daughter was born at 29 weeks via emergency C-section. I went through severe post-partum and was diagnosed with PTSD. During the seven weeks she was in the hospital we started fighting non-stop. Once she came home, things took a turn for the better, but I became uninterested in affection and being physical. This continued on, for the next two years or so. || In May of 2014, my fiance, made a career change. He was previously a high ranking manager at a fast casual restaurant, and was now moving to a standard tex-mex style place with a huge amount of opportunity before him. We we’re so excited. Better company, a huge raise, better hours. Things were going very well for us. || He trained at one location for about three months before being assigned to his permanent store in South Elgin. Things were great. He was doing great at work, things were getting better at home, we were in a really good place. We were talking of having another child, moved in to a bigger apartment, things were looking up. || About two weeks after starting at this location, I saw a phone number pop up on our cell phone bill that I did not recognize. There were a lot of messages so I asked him about it and he explained that it was this”Nicole”. Nicole happens to be a server at this particular restaurant location, thus making him, her boss. I had brought our daughter into the restaurant a few times to visit. Everyone there loved her, he was such a proud dad when she came to visit. At one point, Nicole was even our server! She not only had met our daughter, she interacted with her! || When I asked why there were so many, he said she was asking information about a tattoo. (He is what they consider to be a”scratch-er”, and has worked in the tattoo industry before.) When i told him I did not feel comfortable with this, he said he would stop. I blocked her number, and the issue was put to rest. Or so I thought.The block on the number expired in January. || By this point, we were having issues again. I was depressed, not interested in affection or being physical again. I was miserable at my job, and had been looking for a better opportunity. Things were just messy. Two weeks into this year I started a new job, against his wishes. I was to nearly double my salary and be a lot closer to home. The only setback, I was to work nights after training. I chocked it up to making sacrifices for the better of the family. || For the next three weeks we would fight, or avoid each other. We started sleeping in separate rooms, and just not communicating at all. We usually didn’t see a lot of each other anyway due to me working mornings and him working evenings. He became distant, and it increased. He became more controlling and possessive over me. I knew something was up. || One night, i logged in to pay the cell phone bill, and saw that, over 4 days, they had exchanged 1200 text messages, I, again, blocked the number. He was at his parents house when I discovered this, so I called and asked when he’d be home. He replied shortly. We were in the middle of a snowstorm, and his parents lived about 16 miles away. I sent him a message and asked him to please be careful when driving home. || He had said he was leaving shortly, so I sent his mom a message after I hadn’t heard from him in over 2hrs. She said he had just left. This was 11 pm. I sent him a message asking where he was, because I was concerned with the storm. He said he’d be home Shortly. He came home about 1 am, and looked extremely proud. He asked where our daughter was, and I explained she was sleeping. || I then asked him about her, and we started talking. He insisted that our relationship was over, so I asked for his cell phone, since I bought it and I pay the bill. He then became loud and abrasive, and I found out he had stopped by her house before coming home. || We got into a scuffle, in which, I was injured and he was arrested. Once I had his phone and I started to investigate a bit more, I found emails between the two of them. He had pet names for her, they were meeting at the gym, etc. || I had sent her a message from my cell phone basically calling her out on what she was doing, and she denied everything. But, at the same time, she was emailing him everything I was saying. Including how I was to go to his boss and expose her. || I still do not know all the details of their encounters, and, frankly, I’d rather not. Though, because he had been arrested, I reached out to his bosses, because he was scheduled to open the restaurant in the morning. I finally got a call back in the morning from his area director and explained the situation. From what I understand, she faced disciplinary action and they were placed on separate shifts, until he was transferred to another location. || I took a hit to my self esteem. My body is the worst it has ever been, I’ve just been so depressed about my body image and my lack of companionship. She was definitely thinner, prettier and more lively than I currently was. The only thing I had over her was my intelligence. She’s a common wannabe suburban hoodrat. She’s pretty, until she opens her mouth. I don’t think she can string anything intelligible together. || I am not aware of them having any current contact, but that does not concern me any longer. I have to do what is best for my daughter. He and I are civil, but I will never forgive his weakness for affection, or her blatant disrespect for my daughter. How could someone see this little girl, and still try to lure her father away? I am, by no means, excusing his behavior, but I know our situation wasn’t great, and I can see why he he did it. Her, she’s just evil.

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