Nick Vertucci Companies – Paper Flipping is a Flop/Scam/Fraud

Nothing but another scam to make the man who started it rich, not you. My wife and I attended a seminar for Nick Vertucci companies where we were introduced to paper flipping. It was a term they used to get us to give them our money so that we could get it back, plus more. Basically, an easy way to get rich. We were interested and curious. It was a luring presentation, so we paid nearly $2,000 to go to their three-day seminar.Throughout this time they told us about the special tools and resources that differentiate them and would help us out most. We did not really learn anything new or special, apart from what we can read in a book or online. They also offered access to more funding.We were all in because of that fact, until they tried to get us to sign up for a required bus tour to start the process. I don’t think any of that was even used to be invested. It was a ridiculous amount of money. We quickly realized that this money was going to other people who were already in the program. They were convincing people to completely roll over their 401k’s! We only had so much to offer.We are lucky that we only lost the money that we did at the three-day seminar because another couple that we met went all in and they recently told us that they had not made any of their money back, in fact, they are being asked to invest more.

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