Nick Henry – Lies, cheats, steals, and uses women, all while faking an accent! California


This guy will lie, cheat, steal, and use you for anything he can get. He dated at least three women at once, all while pretending they were the only one. His modus operandi is to use the internet to meet a woman, quickly concoct a made up sob story to move into their place, and once he is there he’s very difficult to get rid of. The worst part is that he steals from one girl to give to another. Everything from laptops, makeup, money, heirloom jewellery, the list goes on. He would use one womans car to drive to see another woman, making her believe the car is his. In addition to being a thief he’s a prolific, pathological liar. He lies about everything from having a job, to having a son (which he doesn’t take care of,) he lies about his exwife, his family relationships, his criminal record, he even lied to one woman about where he was from. He pretended to have an irish accent. For over a month. These women all wisened up to his tricks quickly but the damage was done, they found each others contact info and exchanged all the dramatic details. He seemed to be particularly in love with one girl and when she discovered his lies and drug use she ended their relationship and he began stalking her, he broke into all of her social media and email accounts, stole her phone, and began showing up everywhere she went. When she decided to get a restraining order he finally stopped. Now that he is homeless I am sure he is more desperate than ever and looking for women to use. You might wonder why he would do these things, why cheat, lie, and steal? He’s an undercover drug addict, of course. Mostly pills. Watch out for him, he will ruin your life.

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By Ronald

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