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I am an extremely private person, but after reading your Araya Chow article I decided to share my story. There are many similarities. I have been married 16 years and my husband is also an ordained minister, but not a Pastor. My husband owns a flooring company and works from home. Recently he stopped by his home office late morning to pick up some information required on a client presentation. His office is upstairs at the same end of my home as the master suite. I was busy and just said hi but didn’t come out of the bedroom. After he left I was on my way downstairs and saw his Gucci man bag on his desk. To this day I’m not sure why, but I decided to look inside. More out of curiosity than any sort of suspicion. We have always respected each others privacy. To my shock and horror there were several individually wrapped large condoms, 3 or 4 plastic hotel room keys, our current AT&T bill, his wallet and a car rental agreement. Of course I honed in on the rental agreement. The additional driver was Nichole Gilmore. Since I am a 50% owner in the business I know every employee, all of his family and personal friends and she was not someone in any of those categories. I knew that my husband would be returning as soon as he realized he’d left the bag. So I dumped the contents in the middle of his desk, sat down in his chair and tried to slow down my racing heart, reign in my scattered thoughts and focus on how I would handle this situation. It wasn’t long before I heard the automatic garage door open and my husband enter the house. He came bounding up the stairs and literally stopped in mid-stride when he saw me at his desk with the contents from the bag scattered on top. Of course my first question was who the hell is Nichole Gilmore and why did you rent her ass a car. He told me she was the cousin of one of our employees who was helping the employee on a job site and didn’t have transportation. The employee had no credit cards to rent the car and asked my husband to rent it for her and they would pay the monthly bill. I said fine, I’ll just give him a call to confirm that and in the meantime you pull the business bank account so I can see each deposit for the corresponding charges. He put up a protest, but I wouldn’t budge. Then he gave me another story which I didn’t believe and after a long period of heated and intense dialogue he finally admitted she was a whore he’d been screwing for over a year. I asked for specifics and discovered this asshole rented the whore a car three weeks after he met her. He said somehow she talked him into it because she lives in Sacramento but whores in Reno, Tahoe and the bay area and didn’t have transportation to meet the johns that answered her ads. He also didn’t bother to get insurance on the rental assuming that our car insurance would cover any potential claims. I explained that since she is the driver and is not a named insured on our policy, if she had an accident our policy won’t pay anything. Also, that he has now opened me up to financial exposure. I own my home as a married woman as her sole and separate property. But California is a community property state and I am a 50% owner of the business and the car was charged to the company credit card. Notwithstanding the fact that I wasn’t a party to the rental agreement, if the whore had a car accident both she and the passengers of the other car could potentially come after me, get a judgment and file a lien against my home. He also told me that after their first screwing session, the whore gave him her real name (different from the one on the porno site) and he ran a background check on her. He said that was his customary procedure to make sure the whore wasn’t a psycho. That’s how I came to have the picture. It’s a mug shot from one of her arrests for prostitution. He told me that he had been seeing whores for about ten years because he had these sexual fantasies he felt I wouldn’t be comfortable with and knew that a prostitute would allow him to play them out. He didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them. Evidently, the more attractive, intelligent ones charge a higher price. So when he went to his porno sites he had to choose what was available in his price criteria. I don’t get it. If I were to cheat I’d want to be with a young, handsome, hard bodied guy who could use at least two syllable words, so I would save my money up, have sex with him, then start saving again for the next time. I could never pay to have sex with an ugly, stupid whore. That being said, my biggest area of confusion is who rents a car for a whore? || I took matters in hand, I made him call the whore to arrange a meeting to return the car. She told him F you I need it and am not returning it. Anyone surprised? I read the rental agreement in it’s entirety and it specifically states the rental company requires from the named additional driver a valid California drivers license and an acceptable credit card. It further states and requires the additional driver to sign, that if the named renter, for any reason does not pay XYZ all rental charges incurred, they will immediately be paid by the additional driver upon notice from XYZ. So I made my husband close the bank account that the business card was secured by, wrote a letter to the rental company from my husband telling them the account was closed and he was not assuming any further financial responsibility, that the additional driver was refusing to return the car, gave them all the phone numbers and previous addresses my husband had for her and since the car belonged to them, their resources were greater and bank account deeper they needed to go after the whore. End result was XYZ had violated their own policy and failed to obtain the credit card info from the whore and she was ignoring their phone calls and written attempts to contact her they hired a private investigator. It took him almost two months to find her because of the large territory her profession covers. What a mess, my husband spent almost $12,000 in rental fees during the period she had the car. He also had added another whore’s cell phone to our cell phone bill that I was unaware of. There is lots more deep, dark stuff I discovered once I started digging. Most of which was not hidden had I bother to look. But who would think their spouse, especially someone who claims to be a Christian would exhibit that sort of behavior. Believe me a cheater can do a lot and spend an incredible amount of money over a ten year period. The interesting thing is he did his crap during the day and was always at home at night. Beware wives. The nature of true depravity comes in many forms and sometimes cheating assholes look like angels of light!

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