Nicholas Destefanis


Complaint: Probably the most dishonest, unscrupulous, deceptive, lawyer in the Milwaukee area. The worst of the worst. The ultimate shyster, scumbag extraordinaire. Nicholas Destefanis works at Piper Schmidt & Wirth. He will scam you. He and his para legal Dana Norton, scammed me out of over $5000.00. If your thinking of hiring him make sure you have a recording device when meeting with him to record any conversations for your own protection. He’s the sleaziest of slime ball lawyers. Try not to pay in advance. What ever you pay him he will keep. He’ll make up bogus billing statements. The only recourse is to complain to the Wi state bar i.e. more crooked lawyers. Hire at your own risk!

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Address: 732 N Jackson st Milwaukee, WI United States



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By Ronald

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