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I have had 3 incidents where I suspected fraud.The first being when I purchased a Dali Rhino statue ($700.00) numbered and signed(engraved),I received it and it did not look like anything the picture in showed. I presented the issue and they told me to send it back and they would send me another one. They must have many… The second issue I purchased 2 lots on, paid for them ($650.00), waited, waited, finally contacted them and was given a bogus fedex . I had to go thru the PayPal resolution department to get them to send me the 2 lots I won and paid for. You can imagine this elongated the wait time and effort. The third and last incident is when I spoke to a friend in the art circles who works in a gallery as well but very knowlegable of the small art community. I was provided 2 links to include this one, the other one is: , within 5 minutes or less he calls me and states and i quote since I recorded him “You just wrote an email to me?”, I responded”yes i did,yes I did”, he continues “listen i told the uh..Can you get on the phone where we can talk to you?”, I respond,”Yeah i’m here”, colonel: “OK Listen this is what Im going to do, I dont have nothing to do with no colonel’s auction house, we dont own no colonels auction house”, I interrupted him stating:” Well that email is on the invoice”, we are both speaking at the same time. I repeat that the invoice he sent me has the “colonel”; he is saying”Listen to me, I am tired about messing with you about this sh*”, I reply,”Me too!” he then stattes “I am going to call the collections and ask them to take you off, that money that you made, put uhm on the guitars you loose that money” (2,675.00), I immediately say “No!” he continues ” you and your wife out of the collection bureus and tell them to clear it up for you, just so you be straight, you don’t owe me no money”. Again I interrupt,”No, I want my money back!”. He responds,”Whats that?”. I answer,”I want my money refunded!” He states, “You are not getting your money! back!”, I responded”Then we will be speakkng to the FBI soon”. His reply,”OK buddy, do it F* you!”, I replied,”F* you too!” He also owes me 600.00 for what was supposedly an original Picasso Sketch invoiced at $2,600.00. His collector even tried to collect the full 2600 even after I provided proof of payment with Paypal receipt. Anyways, minutes after I spoke with him his attorney wrote me to cease contact with his office even though I had already placed a cease and desist on him for myself and my wife (moron). He sent a second email stating his client instructed him to clear the debt which part of it was already paid for. So, one minute I owe 12K+ and in collections and the next after sending him proof of fraudulent criminal activity, not from me but from these two sites, he decides I am in the clear but he is going to keep my $3,275.00. In my opinion since he has a lawyer who is threatening me with slander and malicious threats. I am entitled to my opinion and that is how i communicated it to him via email. I take that back I threatened him to turn him over to the FBI and local authorities. I guess that is malicious of me?? Doubt it. The DA in Las Vegas will get involved along with the cybercrime dept of FBI. I recommend, again in my opinion to stay away from the multiple names of the companies he uses without DBA’s. I bid with Newport Beach Auction House but received an invoice from a company named Art & Jewelry House printed right on the invoice with his email (email address removed by admin) and web page of

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