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Wayne Williams and his sales person Jackie supposedly sold me a cruise package for 10 people in June of 2013. They said we had 72 hours to cancel the payment but we did not have any way to base a cancelation decision on until the travel information package came in the mail 8 days later well after the 72 hours was up. The information packet stated that the cruise could only be booked for 2 people and upon calling Ray at Astro Travel as directed, he reinterated that the cruise could only be booked for 2 people per cruise. After many calls to customer service, which Jude and Daisy Palmer said they would ask Wayne Williams to call back to discuss this matter he would never call back. The customer service department is nothing but a telephone answering department and does not have any authority to resolve any problems. I have checked out the physical address given on the website listed as the customer service location and it is a UPS store and is only a box number. This is a fraudulent company and the people involved are thieves.

448 W 19th St Stew 258 Housotn, Texas United States of America


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By Ronald

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