New South Windows – New South Windows: Overpriced and the Worst Salesman

If you go to these guys, you will find out very quickly that their pushy salesmen are how they make money, not their service. In fact their service is less than 1 star worthy. They are disorganized and dishonest. I had an appointment with a salsman a couple months ago, HE was insistent on me getting a certain window treatment at a very expensive price. At first he quoted me $20,000 for windows on the whole house. When I said no he moved the number down. It was as if he was doing that until I would say yes.He promised me installment quickly. From what i know, it takes lots of time. They have to special make a lot of my windows. Noone has even come out to measure.I cannot get ahold of the gentleman that we made the deposit with and no one else seems to have him available when we call. I don’t think our windows are ever going to get done.

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