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Complaint: Broke my femur in November 2009. Was taken to Bay State Hosptial in Springfield, Ma. Surgeon assigned to me (24 hours later!) was a Dr. Bennett Burns from New England Orthopedics. He put a titanium rod in my femer and a pin top and bottom. We told by Burns I would be ‘up and walking’ later that day. When I tried to get up, I was in such unbelievable pain, it cold not be dulled with morphine. I todl them that something was wrong. I was IGNORED by NEOS and they refused to see me again! I was lied to by thei office staff (told I had an appointment when there was none) they refused to let me talk to Burns, and the “doctor’ who called me back was only a physician’s assistant! It was only after I called my attorney and asked for a second opinion that Burns agreed to see me again

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Address: and ADMITTED to me and my husband that he had screwed up the ooperationa nd set the bottom pin wrong. I ws reoperated on

Website: he kept putting nasty comments about me into my medical report. Due to his screw up

Phone: and walked (somewhat) out of the hospital the next day. Burns and NEOS had the nerve to charge my insurance comapny TWICE for the botched operation. And

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