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Don’t cancel your Netflix unless you stop payment first. After a long time as a loyal customer I decided to stop my account with Netflix. They billed me for August through September 2011, and I did not want to continue because the content online is super stale. So, I stopped the billing, and Netflix cancelled the account, dumped my queue, and still kept my money. Its not about the chump change, it is about my call following that to customer service. They are rock stars when you are still buddies, but once you cancel your account, still valid through the next billing period or not, they will basically give you the finger. Perpetual hold, etc.Dear Netflix, please get a database and run Linux servers. If you properly operate a billing database you can simply set people’s accounts to expire when they cancel instead of doing a high school style break up and telling me you’ll keep the Sept. billing. Dear world, Netflix seems to think its legal to cancel your account and keep future billing already paid. California law says otherwise. My advice? Steer clear! These guys are headed down the drain fast, especially when I call tomorrow and rebut the charges with my bank. As I understand it that gets reviewed by the fraud board, and anything more than 5% charge backs and they drop the merchant account. If you get ripped off by Netflix, call your bank and reverse the charges with a charge back.

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