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It all started at my husbands, co workers get together. Another coworker of his had brought along some friends to the party we all chatted hung out and drank. I met this girl, we talked. She invited me to go out with her for her birthday coming up soon. She knew I was with my husband. She knows we are married with two kids. We leave the party and about a month or so later I find my husband has girls numbers in his phone hidden under guys names. Come to find out she is one. They went to lunch together. I call the girl and she hangs up as soon as I tell her who I am (first sign that there is something going on). I called a couple more times and she ignored my call. I then text her asking her to act like a mature adult and to at least respect me enough to tell me what was going on. She proceeded to tell me there was nothing going on, they are just friends she doesn’t know why he would hide it and that it’s our problem and wants nothing to do with it. I then asked her to stay out of our lives.My husband and I fought over this plenty of times. He erased her number (or at least I thought he did). We started to work it out. About a month later all this he comes into my work to visit and has what looks like make up on his shirt then my daughter tells me the next day that”daddy took her to a girls apartment” (she’s 4yrs old). I then got online to look at our call records and found out he’s calling this girl again.we fight I kick him out, then we try to talk and work things out AGAIN! Then come to find out a friend of his ends up telling me the day I kicked him out they had met this girl, before, ate breakfast with her and she had joined them on his errands until he had came back home. My husband of course proceeds to tell me this didn’t happen and that nothing is going on. || I want to expose this girl because she is a liar and continues to pursue my husband. She has tore my marriage apart. Although I’m NOT putting full blame on her I know he is at fault too. But as a woman you’d think we would follow some kind of girl code and at least respect another woman and not continue to pursue her husband. I know there is more to this story than what I’m being told and I’ll probably never get the answers but if by posting this girls picture could possibly prevent her from doing some stupid shit like this again I’m all for it.

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