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Around the first week of April i called to inquire about insurance . I informed the young man i spoke with that i needed insurance . I was told that since it was after open enrollment it maybe difficult to get . He then informed me that there was a opening that was available. I was told that sometimes companies may have 1 or 2 slots left open for group rates. I asked hi again is this medical/major insurance ? He said unless I have aids, cancer or pregnant i didnt need the medical/major because the mentioned illnesses is what requires major/medical and the cost would be extremely high. At that point, i said i was interested. I went through the verification process (which I was informed to hold all questions until the end of conversation). Afterwards i asked again was this insurance because I wanted to make sure I wasnt getting benefit insurance . (I explained to him a previous situation where I ended up with benefit insurance. That”s why I was insistent in making sure i had medical insurance. I made the initial payment . Two and a half weeks later Ireceive the welcome pack and its a discount program. Imagine my disappointment and frustration. I think its aweful and deceptive . He could have easily said ma””am this isnt medical insurance. I dont know if the record converstions but in my case I pray it was. I greatly appreciate anything you can do to assist in this matter. My hopes

to prevent this from happening to others. To properly trained the telephone operators and make sure they are well informed. Thank you Theresa Ferguson”

84 villa rd greenville, south carolina United States


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