NCC National Contracting Center in TN Scottsdale AZ Review


She instanly got me contracted with a few insurance companies before I even knew it..she said we give you 1000 free leads if you join I told her the type of leads is important to me I only do Phone sales I was very clear. I keep asking details on leads first please, always went around it, said we can talk more about it AFTER you finish contracting! I had to be very strng with her insisted on know details before I sign with you. I asked are these seniors that have asked for info from an agent, finally she says no you would have to cold door knock with this list!! I couldnt beleive it, 1 thats invasive to seniors and illegal, I could get in trouble fined, but the worst part is I already told her I sell over the phone ONLY with leads from seniors ASKING for help she was trying to trap me so she can get a bonus for signing up a new broker!! Then in her email she says i”m being disrespectful cuz I was mad she did this and said to cancel all and appt now i have the hassel of having to call each company like Aetna


cigna to get them OFF as my upline !! It delays me from being able to work asap!! Unbelieveable I told her she needs to be honest and CLEAR upfront b4 just contract an agent with Ins co’s It makes ME look bad she wasted alot of time for me I told her she was disrepectful!! Anyone who has to lie to get an agent/broker is not the right place to sign with BEWARE!!! LIARS!!BGA is their upline whoever that is LIARS



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