NBC Homes, LLC. Review


NBC Homes and their listing broker Ernie Durden and broker Angela Edgar are running an unethical business. I wouldn’t suggest you work with them. They are pricing house $12k above what the house is worth. | April 2019 my realtor and I went home searching. We ran into a new construction with NBC homes. I noticed at that time they were being pushy and snappy but I overlooked it just thinking that was their personalities. Eventually, we were finally able put a contract on a home with them. We did everything right and on time, although my realtor complained several times about the way Ernie would communicate with her. | We even tried to over his rudeness, although it was a struggle. So one day my realtor went as far as contacting Angela Edgar (the broker) to communicate about the contract and she was even ruder. I heard her telling my realtor that she was sending to many emails and that she need to stop calling her and Ernie, etc. Mouth opening moment! | I reminded my realtor of the task at hand and that we was almost close to closing on the house. So now we’re at the week before closing and received the appraisal report. The appraisal came back $6k less than asking price so, of course the lender asked for an admendment on the purchase price. Once my realtor sent Ernie Durden the admendment, he told her he was cancelling our contract! | I called him to see what was going on and he was EXTREMELY rude and told me that he is putting a for sale sign in the yard. Ernie left no room for negotiation and the crazy thing is, we had the money. Lol. Angela Edgar signed the termination just as fast as Ernie could get the most dismissive/ rude conversation out his mouth. When my husband went to pick up the earnest money, he had questions. | Angela could NOT tell him why we couldn’t close the deal. Which is very strange! If it was business it should be easy to explain. Ernie Durden and Angela Wdgar were both an anomaly. BE AWARE! Last thing I would like to add to this review is, I was buying lot 119 ($228k). Lot 120 is $20k cheaper than lot 119 and the only difference was a bedroom and bathroom. The house 5 doors down is appraising at $198. NBC homes sold a house just like mine a week before for $223. But wanted me to pay $228k for the home and cancelled my contract because the appraisal came back at $222. | Thank God we were blessed with a better home and an awesome deal. Maybe it was God way of saving us from having to deal with NBC homes and the insolent people that comes with this company.


  • Name: NBC Homes, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Stockbridge
  • Address: 375 Corporate Center Drive, Suite E
  • Phone: 770-954-8894
  • Website: nbchomesllc.com/

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