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Intelligent people DO get scammed, and I’m the proof.nLast year sometime I called in during an infomercial to order the natural cures book by that a-hole, kevin trudeau. I said okay to the newsletter, which they only sent once. So 4 or 5 months later (this was last year) I called up and cancelled my subscription to the newsletter. Well, in October I was billed $71.40–to renew a subscription that I had cancelled!!nI called the phone number of the company, ITVdirect, at n(1-800-215-0063), which no one ever answers–there is a voicemailbox for people unhappy with natural cures, which I suspect they empty without listening to. nI emailed the addresses they gave on the site: ([email protected] and [email protected])nI got one lame email from someone barely literate trying to pacify me (the emails were hostile), then nothing. Here it is, November, and no reply, no NOTHING!! I am so angry I don’t plan to use printable language with ITVdirect, kevin trudeau, their lawyers, workers, or anybody. LET’S TAKE THEM ALL DOWN!!nRipoff Scams, you have saved me money and misery before–THANK YOU!! Don’t fail me now!! nCarolenPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

PO Box 342 Elk Grove Village, Illinois U.S.A.

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