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We used nationwide moving services to move from Utah to Texas. The movers did not show up when they were scheduled to and instead showed up at 9:00 in the evening and packed up our house in the middle of the night. The majority of our belongings were not wrapped, and the ones that were wrapped were not done correctly. Most of our things were just thrown in boxes and taped up. When our things arrived in texas we realized that the movers had moved a washer and dryer from our home in Utah that was not ours. We had specifically told them not to back the upstairs washer and dryer because it did not belong to us. When I spoke to the movers about it they apologized and said they were sorry and gotten confused due to lack of sleep and food. They said that when they arrived at our house they had not eaten or slept in 36 hours and had forgotten to leave the washer/dryer. The moving guys contacted Nationwide headquarters and told them about their mistake. At that point, Nationwide moving services said they would take care of the issue. I tried contacting nationwide moving services several times to follow up with them about returning the washer and dryer. The corporate offices would not accept or return my phone calls for months. Finally I got a hold of someone and was told they would not help me. They gave me the number to their claims department and when I called there I was told the issue would not be covered. In addition to the washer and dryer issue, several furniture items were damaged and several of my husband’s collector items were STOLEN!

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