Nationwide DDS San Diego


Complaint: This guy has called before and is at it again… Called me 3 times saying he had legal documents from the County of San Diego that I need to be home to accept the delivery. He provided my address and tried to get me to confirm it, said he tried already But I’ve been home all day. He called from phone number 909-736-0046. I didn’t fall for the trick and he said we would call my family. He did. I got a text from my step mom that “James Flaherty”” from Nationwide DDS had a legal document for me

Tags: Document Overcharge- Scam, Email & Phone Scam, Package Delivery

Address: he gave her a call back number of 800-268-0307 . I have great credit. No debts. No warrants. No court cases against me. He was very rude and tried very hard to get me to confirm my address.”


Phone: United States

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By Ronald

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