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Complaint: I got the same calls. I got a voice message from a southern black woman with a professional voice and she said her name was Renee Roe and gave a file # and said I need to call 210-892-1235 and that there is a subpoena on me and a restraining order on me. When I called them back, they said they were from the DuPage County Legal Processing Center (no such entity exists) and claimed I owed $1k+ and I could save myself from a legal mess if I pay them with a credit card. I asked the local police for assistance in tracing the calls and they claim it is out of their jurisdiction and that they did a little investigation and the address the call came from is an empty field. DO NOT give these people your credit card #’s or bank account #. The same lady called me last month and claimed she was from the Deputies office. They called all of my friends, family and previous employers, repeated my FULL social security # and mothers maiden name back to me. They somehow hacked someone’s system to get that info. They are a scam!!!! I reported them to the three credit bureau’s, local police, Federal Trade Commission and BBB.

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Address: San Antonio, Texas United States of America


Phone: 210-892-1235

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By Ronald

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