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Complaint: I was emailed and told by a recruiter by email that.I was booked for an event and was told to call and email company.I emailed and called XYZ company for 4 days straight. After several phone calls and emails.XYZ explained that.I was never booked or ever confirmed to work this event. XYX explained that it was National Event Staffing job to make sure talent is aware of actual bookings.The website offers 2 accounts Free Basic or Pro account for $9.95 a monthtotal of $119.40 charged on your credit card. Non-refundable automatic yearly charge. I decided to upgrade since free account does not seem to offer bookings.As soon as I upgraded I got booked.But it’s a scam because the email confirmation they sent. Clearly stated I was booked.I was told to call and email company myself which is strange because.This is usually done by marketing companies. That’s their job not talents so I did as I was told and. Company rejected confirmation booking and claimed they were booked.And claimed they were not aware I was being booked.”They will only promise you 1 event a year for the price of $119.40″” —————————————————–NATIONAL EVENT STAFFINGCustomer ServiceWe book staff then sometimes with less then 24 hours notice

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Address: day of

Website: our staff cancel for a variety of reasons.. all we can do is grin and bear it and scramble to fix situations..Soo would we say those staff are trying to SCAM us or would we say

Phone: days before

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