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This is the 2nd call we’ve had, today it was ” josline “. Kinda odd was asking for matt not my husband’s formal name but was acting as if it’s a friend or family member just looking to talk to matt, we been married 15 yrs i know an 1-800 is not a friend calling but i’ll give her credit for trying! | I asked several times Who do you work for? What does your business represent?). She continued to say, ” is this christina his wife?”. I gave no info we are very well i for ed never to confirm they reached the right person and never confirm they matched a name to a number correctly! so i refused to say yes or no to if this is matt’s wife and if this is matt’s phone! i kept saying what is your business name, then she finally said Ncs) i looked it up while she was still on the phone. | They use every title in the book as a collection debt place!! i’d just hang up!


  • Name: National Credit Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Bothell
  • Address: 2525 220th St SE #200
  • Phone: 425-486-0468
  • Website:

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