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Please Beware of this company called National Consulting Service. They claim to be with United Community Partnership which is not true that just a cover up company name. There real name is Marketing Solutions Group this is just a call center with a bunch of people who work on commission which means that they will say anything they have to, to take your money. This call center which is located in 8001 Irvine center dr. Irvine Ca. Beware this is a very organized company whos owners are scam-artist and so are the managers who you are refered to who claim to be “compliance managers or underwriters”. They used terms to trick and throw people off to believe them like NPV test which is refered as net present value test. This company is not a bank nor your lender so they cannot pre-screen or pre-approve you for Loan Modification. They will refer you to an attorneys office named Proactive Legal Services aka Offices Thomas R. D’Arco. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!! CANCEL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BEFORE THEY WITHDRAWL ANY MONEY OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT. .

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