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I bought MGA 1500 1969 for $24850 inc.shipping nov.2014 through ebay auction. | this car has no identification plate, so does not match the title. | engine is 1600 later mk2 model. | mechanical is very poor, cluth is broken. he mentioned good condition. | before i decide to buy,i asked him did you drive byyoursely ? | he said yes. who can drive the car clutch broken car ? | i restored spending $7500, but this car can not be registerd in japan because document and car is not match. | i wrote email him may many many times. but no reply at all. | he must a fraud dealer with no doubt. ebay should get rid of such a member.


  • Name: Nathan York
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Oklahoma
  • Address: 2 S Pennsylvania Ave
  • Phone: 405-420-6996
  • Website:

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